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Welcome to our regular newsletter, bringing you interesting updates from across the B. Braun Group of companies in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

Communication will be critical in the coming weeks and we promise to share information that is timely, clear, transparent and frequent.

We will share the newsletter via a link from our twitter channel @BBraunUK fortnightly.

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February 2021

Monday 8th February 2021

History of B. Braun

Good ideas, ground-breaking innovations and entrepreneurial responsibility: that sums up the history of B. Braun. It all began in 1839, when Julius Wilhelm Braun bought the Rose Pharmacy in Melsungen. 

The challenges have changed since the early 19th century. But then, and now, our goals are: create innovations in medical therapies and recognize what is important during exchanges with customers and partners. In six generations, the enterprise has developed into a global company with subsidiaries on every continent.

Watch here for more information

TogetherinWoundCare Campaign

Have you joined the #TogetherInWoundCare campaign yet?

Join us and help us spread positivity throughout the Wound Care community.

What is the message you would like to share?

Who are you thankful to?

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HSJ Digital Transformation Virtual Series

We are proud support partners of the HSJ Events Digital Transformation Virtual Series, 2nd & 11th February.

To find out more about B. Braun UK, learn about our digital solutions, or ask a question to our team, please our virtual booth. 

Register here:

CRRT Podcast with Dr. Alex

Dr Alex recently spoke with Senior Sister Becky Ellis-Smith from the Royal London Hospital. 

The podcast discussed CRRT (see Ellis-Smith pictured with B. Braun's OMNI machine) as well as the challenges in ICU currently.

Listen here

The IV Therapy team have supported 31 NHS Trusts

With over 1/3 of adults classified as difficult intravenous access patients (DIVAS), the IV Therapy team have supported 31 NHS Trusts with the implementation of our Introcan Safety Deep Access IV Catheter since we launched this product in 2020.

Through this work B. Braun are ensuring that the right patients are receiving the right line, at the right time, while in turn reducing the risk of infection, delayed treatment and length of stay for patients.

Furthermore, Introcan Safety Deep Access is proving to play an important role in delivering the IV Therapy team strategy of converting the market to non ported cannula.

Various NHS Trusts who have historically resisted the concept are now engaging and seeing the benefits that this can bring for all of their patients.

January 2021

Monday 25th January 2021

Looking after our planet

B. Braun manufacture our own dialysers which can allow for significant reductions in shipping and thus freight emissions compared to producing further afield.

Read more about B. Braun Avitum HERE


Recently, Louisa Way shared her experience of Wound Care nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked what her number one message to other nurses was, she said “Remember that you are not alone”.

Her response really made us think…

You can see her video HERE

From pharmacy to global player

Take a look at our milestones from 1839 to the present day!

Company history >

Product catalogue

Did you know we have a product catalogue online?

Take a look!

Monday 11th January 2021

B. Braun in 2020

The pandemic did not stop us ensuring support & service for our customers. We are doing our best to keep the supply running and thank our employees, logistics partners, authorities and customers for the great collaboration #weareteambb #busysupplying #busyproducing

Implant free with DCB

Over 1 Million Drug Coated Balloons sold by B. Braun globally!

The result of more than a decade’s dedication. Go Implant-free with B. Braun's DCB SeQuent® Please NEO!

Find out more about product, experience & evidence:

#SeQuentPleaseNeo #DCBonly #GoImplantFree

Helicopter ER

As proud supporters of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance we are delighted to share the news that their new series of Helicopter ER on 'Channel Really' has started!
Missed an episode? Catch up on Discovery plus

Increased production

Disinfectants became scarce in the health care sector especially at the beginning of the #Covid19 pandemic. B. Braun maximised production at its manufacturing sites in different countries. Read HERE how this was achieved and what the challenges were...

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