B. Braun Medical Ltd launches nutrition drinks range

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B. Braun Medical Ltd launches nutrition drinks range

Healthcare professionals in the UK will now be able to prescribe a new range of Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) through B. Braun Medical Ltd.

Using the online sample ordering service at www.nutricomp.co.uk, healthcare professionals can order samples to be delivered directly to patients to try before they prescribe, reducing wastage.

B. Braun Medical Ltd has launched a new range of nutritionally complete dietary drinks - Nutricomp® Drink Plus. Available in four flavours, the high-energy milkshake style supplement can be prescribed for the dietary management of malnutrition.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Enteral Nutrition, Nav Cameron said: “We are very excited to be launching Nutricomp® Drink Plus in the UK.

“With more than 175 years of experience in serving people and their health, we pride ourselves on developing pioneering products that deliver high quality patient care, while helping to manage the cost pressures the NHS is facing. 

“Nutricomp® Drink Plus meets the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. The product has been very well received by patients and also supports cost effective prescribing which is key, given the current economic climate in the NHS.”

Nutricomp® Drink Plus, available in banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours, was rated as 'great tasting' by ONS patients, with 93% compliance. Each 200ml bottle is gluten free and contains 300 calories, 40g carbohydrate, 12g protein, 10g fat and all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

B. Braun Clinical Nutrition unites decades of product and service offerings, with a Parenteral Nutrition range including Nutriflex® Lipid, Omega and fat-free multi-chamber bags and a variety of compounding ingredients – innovative lipid emulsions, amino acids, glucose and other compounding micro-nutrients and accessories.

In addition, the B. Braun Aseptic Unit can provide supplemented and compounded scratch Parenteral Nutrition bags, and supports the Transcare Homecare service for Parenteral Nutrition patients.