B. Braun unveils new ‘ultra-modern’ contemporary corporate workspace enhancing collaboration and latest working practices.

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B. Braun unveils new ‘ultra-modern’ contemporary corporate workspace enhancing collaboration and latest working practices.

35 skips, 1,000 light bulbs and more than 80 skilled trades people later – B. Braun Medical Ltd has unveiled a newly designed and created ‘ultra-modern’ workspace.

A Business Centre, meeting zones, a full-service cafe and a fully functional auditorium for 100 people are among the highlights of the contemporary workspace at the purpose-built head office and distribution centre at Thorncliffe Park, Sheffield.

The new-look workspace – which features natural materials including bamboo, voiles and glass, distinctive lighting and contemporary yet functional seating – was designed and created by Insyte in conjunction with sister company Corporate Workspace.

Insyte director Paul Welch said: “Working with B. Braun has been an amazing experience - it’s always good to work with clients who are open to fresh innovative ideas and then prepared to take the risk and see them through to completion”. 

B. Braun Medical Ltd Group Chief Executive Hans Hux said: “The dynamic expansion of our business alongside digitalisation and modern working practice made it necessary to upgrade and optimise our office facilities.  Our products and services portfolio has seen our growth continue – but we were outgrowing our old headquarters.

“We’re very proud of our new ultra-modern collaborative workspace, more efficient use of warehouse and distribution space, our state of the art business centre and auditorium plus catering facilities.

“The team at Insyte have helped us develop our Thorncliffe Park site into a dynamic, modern, healthy and holistic workspace that helps staff to feel creative, inspired and comfortable in their surroundings. 

“We’ve made it our mission to strengthen the city business region as one of the premier locations in the country for healthcare technology and patient care.  We have stayed true to our Sheffield roots and this major upgrade and refurbishment project is further evidence of our commitment to our business, to our employees and to Sheffield as our UK Headquarters location.” 


The long list of items! 

· 35 skips
· 83 different skilled trades people 
· 2640 m2 carpet 
· 2510 m2 ceiling tiles 
· 41.46 km data cable 
· 23.8 km multi core power cable 
· 1470 litres of paint 
· 745 faceplates for sockets and switches 
· 1,124 plasterboards 
· 1,72 km of galvanised studs and track with 8360 screws
· 631 m2 wall insulation
· 164 kg joint filler
· 850 m2 glass 
· 71 doors and 11 sliding doors
· 324 m2 of ceramic tiling 
· 21 toilets / urinals 
· 3 new kitchens 
· 192 sheets of MDF 
· 486 light fittings 
· 1,080 light bulbs