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B. Braun about online shops selling B. Braun disinfectants and protective equipment

B. Braun observes that, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, some sellers on take advantage of the increased demand for disinfectants and protective equipment in online marketplaces and offer these products at prices several times higher than the average normal selling price.

B. Braun distances itself from this pricing strategy, which is based on exploiting the fears of many people, and recommends not to support such practices and not to buy hygiene products at excessive prices. People who do not belong to a risk group are advised to wash their hands regularly. In addition, the recommendations of the relevant health authorities apply. You can also find tips on this at bbraun.com/coronavirus.

As a responsible medtech company, B. Braun does everything in its power to meet the needs of our customers in the healthcare sector in order to continue to protect and improve the health of people around the world.