B. Braun Medical Ltd helps vulnerable urology patients with launch of virtual service

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B. Braun Medical Ltd helps vulnerable urology patients with launch of virtual service

Leading healthcare company B. Braun Medical Ltd has developed a range of virtual support services during the Coronavirus crisis to support vulnerable patients at home with acute bladder problems.

Emerald Nursing Team before social distancing

The company’s specialist Emerald Nursing Service has introduced FaceTime video tutorials on how to self-catheterize, as well as offering phone-based advice and support to patients with urgent urology and continence-care needs.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown, B. Braun’s team of specialist Emerald Nurses received new referrals from hospital consultants, continence teams and district nurses to see patients for bladder-related problems.

The Emerald Service delivers continence and ostomy appliances and products to patients in their own homes, providing face-to-face support and advice on their use.

Karen Kemp, an Emerald Nurse, said: “We provide a personalized service, teaching patients how to use whatever product is appropriate for them and feedback on progress to their consultants. We develop a strong relationship with people, many of whom have chronic, long-term needs.

“At the beginning of lockdown we had several patients who had initial appointments booked and obviously did not want us coming to their homes, and did not feel at all comfortable about going into hospital.

“I just didn’t want to leave them unsupported. Alongside the short-term impact on their quality of life, there is also the risk of causing severe kidney problems if the problems are left for any length of time.

“So, we have put together a package of virtual support for patients sending them lots of information, product samples, and pointing them towards video tutorials and then talking them through self-catheterisation over FaceTime.

“We have had outstanding success with a number of patients who have been able to do this without us physically having to be with them and then.”

With all non-emergency services paused during the pandemic, B. Braun Medical Ltd has helped numerous patients so far in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region alone.

Karen added: “By providing this service through a new channel, patients have felt positive, comforted and reassured in what has been a very stressful and difficult situation. Moving forward, we hope to implement some of these changes to our daily work to meet the needs and demands of all of our patients.”

The Emerald Prescription Service provides dispensing, next day delivery, urgent supplies when away, a reminder call service, expert advice, SMS text service, online ordering and a dedicated patient line to patients with chronic urology and continence-care needs.

B. Braun Medical Ltd has continued the Service during the Covid-19 crisis and has fully supported the way the team has adapted its work to meet the needs of patients. This has included the provision of PPE for Emerald Nurses providing ongoing management and support of long-terms patients in their own homes.

Chris Ibbotson, Out Patient Market Division Manager of B. Braun Medical Ltd, added: “A lot of competitor nursing services have been taken off the road during this period, but we recognised the real need and importance of our Emerald Prescription Services and it’s so encouraging that by adapting the way the teams work vulnerable patients are experiencing a positive outcome.”