Take control with Be 1® capsule cap

Forget your fears and regain control over your body

As a colostomate, you want to be active and self-confident without unpleasant smells, noises or embarrassing glances from people around? You want to retrieve your social life, doing sports and stop hiding from others?

Imagine that once again you can decide when to pass gas or when to empty your bowel by avoiding noises and smells when being in public places. Imagine that instead of an ostomy pouch you have a folded bag in a small capsule cap, would that not be better especially in intimate situations?  

With Be 1®, the new solution for colostomates, this can be possible.

Take back the control and just Be

The main characteristic of this innovative capsule cap is that it intends to enable you to control your continence, meaning your gases and stools evacuations similar as you would do with a sphincter.

Once you feel a pressure, you can either proceed to the evacuation of stool by removing the Be 1® cap or evacuate the gases by pressing on the degassing button. We recommend to isolate yourself before as degassing will be done without concomitant deodorization. In case of stool evacuation, you should remove the filled Be 1® pouch, clean around the stoma and replace it by a new appliance.

Be 1® can be worn continuously or intermittently, depending on your activities of the day. At night, Be 1® can be replaced by a conventional colostomy pouch.