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Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is the provision of nutrition intravenously, providing a source of macro- (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and micro- (electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements) nutrients.   PN may be administered in hospitals or at home (in patients requiring long-term treatment), and involves a multi-disciplinary team including pharmacists, dietitians, nurses and clinicians that are involved in the prescribing and ongoing management of the patient.

B. Braun Medical LTD offer a wide range of clinical nutrition products and services. This includes our convenience range of 26 standard multi-chamber bags; Lipoflex®, Omeflex® and Nutriflex® fat-free. Within the convenience range we have products that can be infused both peripherally or centrally.

We also offer a range of PN components including Aminoplasmal® (adult amino acids), Aminoplasmal® paediatric (paediatric amino acids), Lipofundin® MCT/LCT(second generation lipid), Lipidem® MCT/LCT containing omega 3 derived from fish oil (third generation lipid), Glucose 30% (carbohydrates) Nutratain® (IV multi-vitamins) and Tracutil® (IV trace elements).

Parenteral nutrition regimens are complex mixtures of a large number of nutrients in various combinations. Physico-chemical compatibility and stability of these mixtures is of particular importance to the clinicians prescribing and administering PN.

B. Braun Medical Ltd have developed EasyComp®  which is a server based database, providing a Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-validated compatibility program, to aide in the safe and efficacious prescribing, preparation and administration of PN.  EasyComp® enables clinicians to electronically prescribe and simultaneously assess whether the chosen PN regimen will be physico-chemically stable or not. If the regimen is stable, information is provided for the duration of the stability.

B. Braun medical LTD has an onsite licensed aseptic unit providing support for hospital outsourcing of supplemented and compounded bespoke PN. The unit also provideds PN to the Transcare service for patients on longer term care in the home.