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Over 50,000 successful surgeries worldwide. Why take a chance with anything else?

With its patented 7-layer technology, the Advanced Surface (AS) knee offers enhanced protection against the top prostheses-related reasons for implant failure and revision.

With approximately 20% of all TKA patients reporting dissatisfaction with their knee replacement, now is the perfect time to learn more about our advanced surface knee and its benefits.

The Advanced Surface Technology provides:

AS technology, with its unique 7-layer ceramic coating on all Aesculap Primary and Revision knee implants, provides complete protection from Cobalt, Chromium and Nickel ions.

A knee implant with AS technology demonstrates substantial reduction in wear, when compared to a CoCr prosthesis. This technology, in combination with Aesculap knee systems with beta sterilised polyethylene (PE), yields excellent performance.

The unique 7-layer AS technology supports:

  • Superior hardness.
  • Improved scratch resistance.
  • Good wettability for better articulation between bearing surfaces.
  • Higher resistance to third particle wear.
  • Hard Ceramic outer layer and soft Cobalt Chrome substrate prevents high risk of coating delamination.

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