Endo-SPONGE® Minimal Invasive Therapy

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Endo-Sponge® is a minimal invasive treatment which requires endoscopic procedure

The treatment procedure

The treatment is performed with the patient lying on the left side. Light sedation and analgesia may be required.

To begin the procedure, the application system (the overtube) is pushed into the endoscope, and the endoscope is brought up to the end of the leakage cavity.

The sponge is compressed and pushed into the overtube. After the sponge has been fully unfolded, the application system is removed.

The free end of the Endo-SPONGE® drainage tube is connected to the Redyrob® Trans Plus bottle. Once the sponge is in the correct position, it is checked endoscopically and
the vacuum is applied.

Endo-SPONGE® is an easy-to-use device whose use requires a short learning curve.

The sponge is introduced into the leakage cavity by flexible endoscopy. The cavity is drained thanks to the vacuum created when connecting the Endo-SPONGE® to the collecting bottle Redyrob®.