Endo-SPONGE® Simple and effective

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Endo-SPONGE® is a minimally invasive device based on vacuum therapy designed to treat colorectal anastomotic leakage.

Each Endo-SPONGE® kit includes:

  • The open-pore sponge with a Redon drain
  • The sponge pusher
  • Two silicon overtubes guides (in different sizes)
  • An irrigation set (syringe and cap)
  • And the drainage system (drainage tube and the slide clamp)

The Endo-SPONGE® kit is meant to be used with the following accessories:

Redyrob® Trans Plus vacuum bottle

The secretion is drained using the Redyrob® Trans Plus bottle.
The drainage tube is connected to the Redyrob® Trans Plus bottle using a Y connector.