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Endoluminal vacuum therapy with Endo-SPONGE® system

Vacuum therapy is widely used for the treatment of chronic and complex wounds [9], [10]

Negative pressure wound therapy, or vacuum therapy, is a therapy used to encourage wound healing. It is widely used for the treatment of chronic and complex wounds.
Although the physiological basis of its effect is not yet fully understood there is evidence data supporting its use to achieve wound healing. [9], [10]

The endoscopic vacuum-assisted wound closure systems have been proven to be an important alternative in patients with upper and lower intestinal leakage which do not respond to standard surgical treatment procedures.

The endoscopic vacuum-assisted wound closure system provides continuous wound drainage and promotes tissue granulation, decreasing the time which the wound needs
to heal and showing a high rate of leakage closure. [2], [3], [5], [11]

The basic principle of Endo-SPONGE® vacuum therapy consists of inserting an open-pored sponge into the leakage cavity using a flexible endoscope.

A drainage tube connected to the sponge is routed through the anus and connected to a low vacuum wound drainage system. Through the application of suction, effective continuous drainage is achieved and a buildup of secretion in the cavity is avoided. The sponge in the leakage cavity induces a cleaning away of fibrin coatings as well as shrinking and cleaning the cavity.

The system is solid connected to the drainage bottle Redyrob® Trans Plus.