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Next Generation Vertebral Body Replacement System – Continuous, Hydraulic Distraction

Hydrolift® is the first vertebral body replacement system that is distracted not mechanically but hydraulically with sterile saline water.
The slim implant body allows a bone saving partial corpectomy. The anatomical endplates with the proven Plasmapore® coating guarantee a save and quick osteointegration.
The endplates can adapt freely in a ±10° angulation and can be adapted in-situ to the adjacent vertebral bodies. This special feature permits an optimized and easy adjustment to the individual anatomical situation of the patient.


  • Hydraulic distraction:
    Exact digital display for the built up pressure.
    Security valve at 30 bar – minimized danger of overdistraction and of subsidence of the implant into the endplates of the adjacent vertebras.
    Tactile feedback during distraction in contrast to mechanical distraction systems.
  • In-Situ adjustable endplates for best possible positioning of the implant 
  • Continuous distraction


  • 6 implant heights and 3 endplates sizes for the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Pre-assembled implants allow a timesaving surgery
  • If necessary, endplates can be exchanged to adjust to individual conditions
  • Easy instrumentation


Vertebral body replacement implants never are used as stand-alone systems.
We advise to combine the Hydrolift® either with our anterior stabilization system MACS TL® or posterior with the S4® Spinal System.


Vertebral body replacement with tumours and fractures of the thoracolumbar spine. Degenerative or inflammable diseases of the thoracolumbar spine indicating a corpectomy.