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Long-term central venous access without compromise on safety

Celsite® Safety is an access port system intended to be used in any condition that requires mid- to long-term intermittent or continuous central venous infusions.

Safety Features & Advantages

  • Large puncture area with high density silicone septum for simple and safe puncturing ensures maximum port life.
  • Two extra large suture holes help to facilitate fixation of the access ports with sutures.
  • Solid radiopague connection ring has an anti-kink protection Lasermarked PUR and silicone catheters with an atraumatic tip provide clear readability of the catheter length without any added ink.
  • The reduction of titanium to the bottom plate and exit cannula minimizes the titanium content and metal induced artifacts in MRI, while continuing to provide maximum puncture resistance and optimal catheter connection.

Additional Features & Advantages

  • Low profiled nose simplifies the insertion and allows the creation of a small port pocket to minimize the trauma.
  • PEEK material (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) has high chemical resistance and excellent durability characteristics.
  • Complete range of Celsite® Safety is high pressure resistant up to 325 psi, enabling power injections of contrast media, and CT marked for easy identification of the injectability under x-ray.

Safety Accessories

  • Complete safety accessories are equipped with safety mechanisms to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries.
    • Surecan® Safety is a Port Needle with an intuitive safety mechanism and is high pressure resistant up to 325 psi.
    • Safecan™ Safety is a echogenic Puncture Needle offering needle tip location via ultrasound.