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The OMNI machine is intended to perform:

  • Continuous blood purification treatments
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange with removal of plasma components  

The OMNI in combination with OMNIset disposable kits is indicated for patients with:

  • Acute kidney injury and/or fluid overload and/or intoxication who need continuous blood purification treatments  

Available treatment modalities and anticoagulation regimes:

  • CVVH (continuous venovenous hemofiltration) pre-dilution or post-dilution or pre-post-dilution or post-post-dilution with heparin anticoagulation or with no anticoagulation
  • CVVHD (continuous venovenous hemodialysis) with heparin anticoagulation or regional citrate anticoagulation (RCA) or with no anticoagulation
  • CVVHDF (continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration) post-dilution with heparin anticoagulation or RCA or with no anticoagulation
  • SCUF (slow continuous ultrafiltration) with heparin anticoagulation or with no anticoagulation  

The OMNI in combination with OMNIset disposable kits for therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) treatments is indicated for patients with:

  • A variety of diseases where therapeutic plasma exchange is indicated  

Available TPE treatment modalities and anticoagulation regimes:

  • TPE with heparin anticoagulation or with no anticoagulation


Treatment Effectiveness

  • Compensation to achieve the target renal dose
  • 98% renal dose achievement with only 5% downtime in CVVHD RCA mode [1]
  • Automatic substitution volume compensation  

Events can occur during treatment that contribute to the target substitution fluid volume not being reached:

  • Ramping up of pump flow rate when starting a therapy
  • Substitution fluid delivery errors, e.g. due to wrongly connected bags
  • Automatic substitution fluid reduction in case of a drop in the effluent pressure  

The system is designed to compensate for such backlogs over the course of the therapy in order to eventually reach the target volume.

  • Advanced technology designed to reduce certain therapy downtime for highest patient outcomes
  • Automated blood flow regulation during temporary interruptions to reduce alarms
  • Smart bag-movement recognition to reduce unnecessary alarms and therapy interruptions
  • Automatic level regulation in chambers, reducing number of alarms With its intelligent fluid balance concept, B. Braun OMNI automatically controls and regulates fluid volumes over the course of the therapy to ensure precise fluid balance management.


Therapeutic Flexibility

  • OMNI offers all CRRT and anticoagulation modes.
  • OMNI allows switching between different treatment and anticoagulation modalities.
  • OMNI offers Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) in ratio or flow mode.
  • The OMNI with OMNIset ECCO2R CRRT 1.6 can perform CO2 removal in combination with CRRT. The OMNI with OMNIset Plus in combination with CRRT serves as a platform for other therapeutic specialties according to the instruction for use of external cartridges/adsorbers.
  • Unique pre-filter position, which reduces the risk of coagulation inside the oxygenator and increases the average blood flow.
  • OMNI machine in combination with ECCO2R can support COVID-19 critical patients.


Handling & Design

  • OMNI in combination with OMNIset has been designed to ease setup, loading and priming workloads
  • Fully pre-connected Plug & Play OMNIset.*
  • Automatic priming time of CRRT in 10 minutes and TPE in 11 minutes approximately
  • Intuitive user interface with step-by-step guidance
  • Barcode scanner to ensure the right OMNIset* for the right therapy
  • OMNI’s unique design makes it one of the most compact devices of its kind on the market
  • Light and mobile device with a small footprint (approx. 62 kg)
  • Easy to move the machine inside the ICU
  • Emergency connection for acute patients can be performed with limited training
  • The unique screen saver is visible from a distance of 10 meters
  • Adjustable sound level designed to meet the silent ICU concept

1Schläpfer P, Durovray JD, Plouhinec V, Chiappa C, Bellomo R, Schneider A: A First Evaluation of OMNI®, A New Device for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Blood Purif 2017;43:11–171

*OMNIset® Set Version 3.00 (or higher)