Cupcakes, cartoons & circus skills – B. Braun gets creative with employee education

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Cupcakes, cartoons & circus skills – B. Braun gets creative with employee education

From the boardroom to the Big Top – supporting employees with a week of bespoke learning activities and events.


To champion lifelong learning, employees from B. Braun Medical Ltd are benefitting from a variety of sessions aimed at engaging them in work-related, personal development and work-life balance activities.

The ‘Learnfest’ sessions range from ‘magic mastery’ lessons and ‘cupcake creativity’ classes, through to relaxation techniques, self-defence, a variety of language courses and even circus skills.

Employees are also being given the opportunity to discover more about their own personal learning style, and practical tips on how the brain works to promote learning more quickly, retaining more information and concentrating for longer.

Hans Hux, Group Chief Executive of B. Braun Medical Ltd, said: “Learnfest is a great example of B. Braun’s commitment to employee development both inside and outside of work.

“It is an opportunity for employees to engage in an array of fun and educational activities, and learn from people highly skilled in their particular field.

“Each session during the week has been carefully considered so there is a balance between the more entertaining and the more informative classes, and we hope there is something for everyone to enjoy and get involved in.

“Our employees are key to the company’s growth and success, so I feel it is particularly important to support and reward them, investing in both their personal and career development.

“This project demonstrates why B. Braun is up there in the premier league of the best accredited employers in the UK.

“The week has been a great success so far and it is wonderful to see everyone celebrating learning in such a variety of ways.”

The B. Braun ‘Learnfest’ project was inspired by Campaign for Learning, the charity behind National Learning at Work Week.  

Based in Chapeltown, Sheffield, B. Braun Medical Ltd is a member of the B. Braun Group, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies.