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The Code of Conduct incorporates B. Braun's ethical values on various issues including integrity, fairness and sustainability.
These principles set out the behaviour we expect from our employees and third parties in all aspects of our business.

Any actual or perceived breach of the Code of Conduct or related policies should be reported to B. Braun.
Reports can be made to B. Braun's email to info.bbmuk@bbraun.com or by telephone on 0114 225 9000.

All reports will be appropriately investigated and corrective action will be taken as required.

For B. Braun employees we have a Whistle Blowing Policy as attached

Quality in Manufacturing and Services

BS EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System - Medical Devices

BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System  Requirements.

Application of BS EN ISO 9001 to the manufacture of medical devices.

Compliance with European Directives  for Medical Devices  93/42/EEC and  Wholesale Distribution of Medicinal Products 92/25/EEC

Caring for the Environment

B. Braun Medical Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution. This environment policy provides a framework for the introduction, development and continual improvement of our environmental protection performance.

The achievement of our environmental objectives will be by employing modern methods and the use of an integrated management system based upon the international standards, ISO 14001, Environmental Management System and ISO 13485: 2003, Quality Management System.

Ethical Trading and Labour Standards

B. Braun understands the challenge of ensuring high social, ethical and environmental standards within its business and throughout its supply chain and is committed to working collaboratively with its suppliers to ensure that these standards are continually improving.

In order to achieve this, B. Braun has developed the Ethical Trading Policy based on the internationally acknowledged ETI base code.

This Policy defines B. Braun’s minimum standards and the basic principles we expect from all our suppliers and contractors. We are committed to ensuring that the standards outlined in the policy are effectively implemented, measured and monitored throughout our global supply chain and we require the support of our suppliers to achieve this goal.

Educational Grants and Healthcare Professional Funding

B. Braun understands the importance of ongoing professional education and training to the Healthcare Professionals and Organisations with which it works. To this end, B. Braun has an educational development fund, and a process for considering applications for grants to be made from that fund.  

B. Braun also recognises the importance of dealing with all customers, suppliers and competitors, fairly and equally. As such, nothing which B. Braun does with regard to funding Healthcare Professional education, is intended to incentivise and/or cause any Healthcare Professional or Healthcare Organisation to improperly purchase, prescribe, recommend or use B. Braun’s products or services. B. Braun does not give or accept, any illegal or unjustified benefits or advantages to its customers, suppliers or competitors.

The Application Form for an Educational Grant can be accessed here or downloaded and sent in hard copy to the address on the form.
Applications will be assessed on quarterly basis by the committee constituted to do so.

A copy of B. Braun’s Healthcare Compliance Policy is also  attached below.

Gender Pay Gap

New legislation came into force in April 2017 and all UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap, annually, in April.  The gender pay gap gives a snapshot of any differences between the average earnings of male employees and the average earnings of female employees.  Although our gender pay gap is lower than the UK average, our data shows us that we still have more work to do. 

The brochure below explains the factors behind our pay gap and we appreciate that making meaningful changes take time and investment, both of which B. Braun is fully committed to providing and within the brochure are details of how B. Braun Medical Ltd intends to close the gap over the coming years*.

* For specific actions relating to B. Braun Avitum, please contact the HR Department at Avitumhr.bbmuk@bbraun.com


Policies, Certificates and Statements for B. Braun Medical Ltd

Description Document Link
Statement of Compliance - National Data Opt-Out
pdf (394.7 KB)
Code of Conduct
pdf (48.8 KB)
Environment Policy
pdf (481.4 KB)
ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Requirements certificate
pdf (1.0 MB)
Quality Policy
pdf (180.2 KB)
6-1-03-009-01 Ethical Trading Policy for BBMUK v5.0.pdf
pdf (238.8 KB)
pdf (1.1 MB)
Production Quality Assurance Certificate
pdf (37.2 KB)
EC Certificate - Full Quality Assurance (CE 01356)
pdf (485.1 KB)
ISO 14001 2015 EMS 562427 Expires 2023-12-23
pdf (803.1 KB)
ISO 13485:2016 – Medical Device Quality Management System Requirements certificate
pdf (714.3 KB)
ISO 13485 - BSI UK Letter re MD 77268 (SMO 3654019).pdf
pdf (63.9 KB)
Waste Batteries Statement V3
pdf (199.4 KB)
pdf (129.2 KB)
Risk Management Policy
pdf (46.1 KB)
Healthcare Compliance Policy
pdf (283.5 KB)
Tax Strategy 2021
pdf (318.3 KB)
Gender Pay Gap Report 2018
pdf (6.0 MB)
Gender Pay Gap Report 2020
pdf (4.0 MB)
Gender Pay Gap Report 2021
pdf (4.3 MB)
Education Grant Application Form
doc (41.0 KB)
B. Braun Medical General Health and Safety Policy Statement
pdf (82.3 KB)
COVID-19 Policy Statement and Implementation Plan.pdf
pdf (1020.5 KB)
Aesculap Limited Pension Scheme 31 March 2021 Engagement Document
pdf (691.5 KB)
Aesculap Limited Pension Scheme Statement of Investment Principles (September 2020)
pdf (278.1 KB)
Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
pdf (1.5 MB)
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase
pdf (100.9 KB)
Energy Policy for B. Braun Medical Ltd v2.0.pdf
pdf (127.3 KB)
Fighting climate change Energy and Carbon reduction target for 2035
pdf (76.6 KB)
B. Braun Medical Ltd Carbon Figures 2019-20
pdf (193.8 KB)
Carbon Reduction Roadmap
pdf (137.6 KB)
Sustainability Carbon Reduction
pdf (111.6 KB)
Sustainability Steering Committee
pdf (26.2 KB)


Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statements

Description Document Link
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2021
pdf (1.1 MB)
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2020
pdf (1.1 MB)
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2019
pdf (990.5 KB)
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2018
pdf (187.2 KB)
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2017
pdf (171.6 KB)
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2016
pdf (208.1 KB)


Policies, Certificates and Statements for Avitum UK Ltd

Description Document Link
B Braun Avitum UK Quality Policy v1.0
pdf (187.5 KB)
B. Braun Avitum Group Health and Safety Statement
pdf (304.4 KB)
B. Braun Avitum UK Workforce Race Equality Standard
pdf (1.9 MB)
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
pdf (278.4 KB)
TÜV Good Dialysis Practice Certificate
pdf (378.4 KB)


Policies, Certificates and Statements for B. Braun Sterilog Ltd

Description Document Link
B. Braun Sterilog COVID-19 Policy Statement v1.0 4-1-02-001-06.pdf
pdf (4.6 MB)
B. Braun Sterilog Limited Pension Scheme Statement of Investment Principles (July 2021)
pdf (487.8 KB)
B. Braun Sterilog Limited Pension Scheme 31 March 2021 Implementation Statement
pdf (224.4 KB)


Brexit FAQs

Description Document Link
Brexit FAQs. September 2020
pdf (382.4 KB)