B. Braun introduces staff salad days & wonder food workshops

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B. Braun introduces staff salad days & wonder food workshops

B. Braun Medical Ltd. is giving staff some food for thought with its latest health and wellbeing initiative.

- introducing free salad boxes, a walking lunch club, and Ministry of Food healthy cooking workshops.

Through the B. Healthy - B. Braun campaign, B. Braun Medical Ltd has started providing free nutrient-packed salad boxes for its staff, as well as organising regular lunch time walking clubs to encourage more movement during the working day.

Employees are also being given the opportunity to take part in Ministry of Food cooking workshops specially designed by celebrity chef and healthy eating campaigner Jamie Oliver to improve culinary skills and promote low fat meals.

Andrew Picken, who has been appointed as a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Adviser at the company, included the latest initiatives as a part of a special Health and Wellbeing Programme created to suit staff needs. “The wellbeing of employees is something we take very seriously at B. Braun,”
He said. “The initiatives are specially designed to be accessible and inclusive, so that everyone has the opportunity to make healthy choices.“

The cooking classes are only £2 and incorporate ‘wonder foods’ but are also designed to teach people how easy it can be to make quick healthy meals from scratch

“The salad boxes are to encourage employees to make a healthy choice at no extra cost, while we hope the walking lunch initiative will help tackle potential problems associated with too much sedentary behaviour in the workplace.“

These initiatives are among a raft of others included in the programme, all of which aim to make employees more aware of how lifestyle behaviours can influence current and future health, and offers practical advice on small changes which fit in with the demands of everyday life.

“I’m very proud to be leading a health and wellbeing campaign which has been shaped by employees, for employees – and this is another step for B. Braun in achieving its company vision to protect and improve the health of people.”

Andrew chairs an employee-led health and wellbeing group which helps to steer the programme through staff feedback. He previously worked for the Change4Life programme before joining the B. Braun team.

Hans Hux, Group Chief Executive of B. Braun Medical Ltd, said: “Our business would not be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of our staff. Our employees are the key to our organisation’s success so we feel it is important for us to do what we can to support them with their health and wellbeing.”