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Patients at Liverpool Women’s Hospital Trust are benefiting from faster, more accurate surgery and more seamless, integrated care thanks to the installation of four state-of-the-art 3D cameras with digitally connected systems.

B. Braun is proudly partnered with Liverpool Women’s Hospital to deliver improved operating efficiencies and improved patient outcomes and are delighted to support the #generationIT digital day.

Developed by B. Braun Medical Ltd, EinsteinVision 3.0 is a camera system capable of displaying and capturing 3D surgical images during minimally invasive surgery. Not only does 3D imaging enable greater surgical precision and shorter procedure times, but each EinsteinVision has wireless connectivity to a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) which is used in every hospital trust in England.

This technology replaces the old way of capturing clinical images on film and paper, enabling them to be stored electronically and viewed on screen. While in the past radiography and pathology services were able to share images through PACS, this is one of the first times surgical images can be shared securely and directly from theatres wirelessly with crucial third-parties such as consultants and specialists.

Previously, patients could face prolonged periods in theatres or have to return for secondary surgical procedures following opinions from other specialties – in some cases these could even have included face-to-face meetings to talk through printed images or review surgical videos.

Now instant image access is available, surgical episodes can be attached to the electronic patient record and patient entry errors can be reduced.

As one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, B. Braun Medical developed the EinsteinVision with the aim of supporting surgeons in maintaining the highest levels of patient care.