Hydrocephalus patients in the UK set to benefit from ‘life changing’ new technology

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Hydrocephalus patients in the UK set to benefit from ‘life changing’ new technology

A pioneering piece of medical technology is available to hydrocephalus patients for the first time in the UK thanks to B. Braun Medical Ltd.

Created by Miethke International, the M.blue® is a valve for various forms of hydrocephalus offering ‘previously unseen’ levels of flexibility that can be ‘life changing’ for patients.

The M.blue® is the only valve in the world that allows the opening pressure to be adjusted for the upright position – which is when humans are most active – and was launched by B. Braun in the UK in March 2019.

Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid on the brain. The excess fluid puts pressure on the brain, which can damage it.

The M.blue® technology integrates a differential pressure unit and an adjustable gravitational unit, and is designed to suit the requirements of someone living with the condition – focusing on mobility, growth, and changes in the course of disease.

The result of 26 years’ experience in valve technology for hydrocephalus, the M.blue®

is safe and easy for the physician to use and enables a comfortable adjustment for each patient.

Group Chairman and Chief Executive at B. Braun Medical Ltd, Hans Hux, said: “The M.blue® offers flexibility and tailoring to a patient’s needs at levels previously unseen.

“On average, our day is divided into eight hours of sleep and 16 hours of day-time activities. While the resting phases hardly differ from each other, there are big differences in the daily activities from person to person and from patient to patient.

“To enable tailored treatment, it is crucial to focus on the flexible adjustability for the active time of the day or when the body is in the upright body position. This was the focus when developing this hydrocephalus valve.

“It is a life changing piece of medical technology and we’re very proud to bring this to patients in the UK.”

The M.blue® was designed by Christian Gleumes, Deputy Development Manager and Head of PMO, and Robert Bialas, Development Engineer and Project Manager at Miethke International.

As part of the global B. Braun group, B. Braun in the UK is a leader in key market areas including computer navigated orthopaedic surgery, needle safety technology, surgical instrumentation, sterile technology and disinfection and hygiene.

The company supports both the private and public sectors, working with the NHS to help it continue to become more innovative and productive while still achieving efficiency savings.