B. Braun Medical Ltd launches new Aseptic Consulting Service

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B. Braun Medical Ltd launches new Aseptic Consulting Service

B. Braun Medical Ltd is launching a new Aseptic Consulting Service to complement its existing range of products and services within the UK.

B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Services (BBACS) aims to assist in delivering solutions that aid improving quality, efficiency, and help reduce costs within aseptic compounding activities.

Aseptic compounding involves the preparation of drugs into ready-to-use intravenous (IV) admixtures for hospital and home patient treatments, such as chemotherapy, Centralised Intravenous Additives (CIVAS) and Parenteral Nutrition (PN).

Pharmacy aseptically compounded products enhance the quality assurance and helps mitigate the risk of patient harm of the medicines and assists in releasing nursing time which in turn can be  devoted to patient care and enable care closer to home.

The services provided by BBACS will include but are not limited to aseptic cleanroom and equipment design, operational troubleshooting, continuous improvement programmes, and advice on reducing the environmental impact of aseptic operations.

The service will also advocate part or full automation of aseptic compounding. According to a 2019 review*, a lack of staff capacity reportedly prevents 60 per cent of aseptic units from offering a full service - automated preparation of high volume, ready-to-administer aseptic products and using robotics can provide a solution.

The launch of the new BBACS service continues B. Braun’s proud tradition of sharing expertise.

As a supplier of compounding solutions, the company has professionals in operational excellence and lean manufacturing, microbiologists, quality, chemists and pharmacists, all of whom have aseptic compounding expertise.

Paul Bradley, General Manager, B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Services said “B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Services continues our proud tradition of ‘Sharing Expertise’ and our company values of ‘Innovation’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Sustainability’.

“As a supplier of compounding solutions and consumables, we also operate a global network of commercial compounding aseptic units and have a real world perspective of the requirements of aseptic compounding operations.