B. Braun sponsors employee to follow dancing dreams

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B. Braun sponsors employee to follow dancing dreams

B. Braun Medical Ltd, have sponsored dancer Sophie Leesley, providing her the opportunity to attend the 2022 World Championships.

Sophie, who works at B. Braun Medical Ltd as a reward analyst, feared she wouldn’t be able to join her dance team, Intensity Cheer and Dance Wildfire, due to the finances required. Thanks to a £1250 donation from B. Braun, she can now take part in next year’s World Championships in Orlando, Florida.

This is the first time Intensity Cheer and Dance Wildfire have qualified for the competition and the thought of missing out on such an amazing experience was particularly disheartening for Sophie, who battles lifelong illnesses such as autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s and Fibromyalgia to follow her passion.

Sophie said: “I try to never let the pain and suffering of my illnesses get in the way of my passion for dance. The team even continued training via zoom during lockdown, then moved onto learning new choreography in car parks once restrictions lifted.”

“Intensity Cheer and Dance have become a second family to me over the past eight years and the thought of missing out on something that has been a lifelong dream of mine due to personal money worries shattered me.”

“I can’t thank B. Braun enough for their sponsorship - I am now able to join my team in Florida and once again prove that I won’t let my illnesses stand in my way. I am so grateful for their support and appreciate them relieving me of the worry of missing out on this once in a lifetime experience.”

Intensity Cheer and Dance Wildfire are a team made up of 12 athletes ranging between 15 and 28 years old. The team dedicate time to train weekly in Wales, Rotherham, but athletes travel from around the country to take part.

David Oates, UK Group Managing Director at B. Braun, said: “We are delighted to sponsor Sophie and are proud that one of our own has reached such an achievement. She deserves this opportunity, and her colleagues look forward to hearing all about her trip once she returns.

As a company we are honored to be able to support inspiring individuals like Sophie and be a part of such brilliant experiences like this. What she is doing is remarkable and we wish Sophie and her dance team all the best for the 2022 World Championships.