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Aesculap Aeos® could help reduce body fatigue for Plastic Surgeons

Aesculap Aeos® is changing the landscape of surgical microscopy and removing the restraints of traditional microscopes by replacing oculars with heads-up surgery.

Aesculap Aeos®

Exoscopes like Aesculap Aeos® provide surgeons with a more ergonomic working environment and helps to improve surgical workflows within the operating theatre, immersing the whole theatre in the operation. With a crystal clear 55” 3D 4K HD display in the operating theatre, surgical trainees, registrars, and the nursing staff all benefit from seeing exactly what the surgeon is seeing, ultimately engaging the team and providing a vital educational platform.

Using LED lights in place of traditional Xenon lights also has its benefits, as LED’s produce very little heat, the surgical field doesn’t dry out as quickly and reduces the likelihood of tissue burn – all while being more environmentally friendly than traditional Xenon bulbs.

Aesculap Aeos® also ventures into robotics, using a robotic arm that can do precise re-adjustments intra-operatively is vital when working at up to 10x magnification. The robotic arm and camera head can pivot into extraordinary positions that a surgeon would not be able to maintain for long periods of time.

The future of microscopy is exciting and Aesculap Aeos® will be at the forefront of the heads-up microsurgery movement, providing surgeons with a less straining working environment and helping to train the next generation in an immersive environment.

THIS ARTICLE, recently published in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery, outlines how ergonomic stresses could be reduced by using a 'heads-up' display as well illustrating the benefits of using Aeos® as an education tool in the field of hand surgery.