Aesculap Academia launches new podcast

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Aesculap Academia launches new podcast

Medical education and training provider Aesculap Academia has launched a new podcast series in collaboration with The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS).

The podcast series, titled Medicine on Air, aims to provide an insight into medical education and sharing expertise, which Aesculap Academia prides itself on as a part of leading healthcare solutions company B. Braun Medical Ltd.

The first episode is based on continuing medical education and training with a focus on learning from the pandemic and looking to the future.

It features Consultant Vascular Surgeon Ginny Bowbrick and General Surgery Registrar Dr Josh Burke discussing issues like the impact of COVID-19 on training and what lessons have been learned.

Aynsley Pix, Business Development Manager of Aesculap Academia said: “We are absolutely thrilled to launch this new podcast in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons.

“The first episode gives a fascinating insight into how medical education has been affected by the pandemic and what now needs to be done to ensure the next generation of surgeons and healthcare workers get the training they need to develop. The two speakers will also talk about what it really means to be a surgeon beyond technical skills.

The idea behind this podcast series is to raise awareness of significant innovations and developments in the industry, what the long-term challenges are and how we can adapt to change.

“I’m excited to share what we’ve put together and I hope listeners take away some new knowledge and expertise from our speakers.”

Aesculap Academia is one of the leading medical education forums for anyone who is professionally committed to people’s health. Aesculap Academia has its roots in the company B. Braun, which has been protecting and improving people’s health for more than 180 years. With their training courses and symposia, they help to honour their parent company’s promise of sharing expertise.

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