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Revolutionising cleanroom solutions

A new partnership between B. Braun Medical Ltd and MTX, two of the leading firms in the healthcare solutions industry, is set to provide an end-to-end cleanroom service for the sector.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) specialist MTX is collaborating with one of the UK’s leading providers of healthcare solutions, B. Braun Medical Ltd, and its Aseptic Consulting Service (BBACS), to deliver a complete end-to-end cleanroom solution for NHS and healthcare clients.

The collaboration aims to improve user experience, the quality of service and ultimately help to reduce costs within aseptic compounding activities across the UK.

The cooperation of the two brands is the first of its kind, combining more than 190 years of experience and bringing together the expert user knowledge in aseptic operations of B. Braun, and the high-specification construction expertise of MTX.

The European Union provides requirements and guidance for cleanroom design and operation. However, a compliant cleanroom is not necessarily an effective one, and that is where this collaboration will be a step forward for cleanroom solutions, with the combined construction knowledge of MTX and B. Braun’s aseptic expertise set to help raise the bar for the industry.

The partnership between MTX and B. Braun Medical Ltd allows the NHS and other healthcare sector organisations to access a complete cleanroom service from start to finish, streamlining the process and helping reduce costs at a time when budgets must stretch further than ever before. As a complete end-to-end cleanroom service, it is set to be revolutionary for the sector.

With MTX’s unparalleled experience in delivering high specification-built environments, MTX cleanrooms can be delivered up to 60 per cent faster than traditional alternatives, catering for the growing demand for facilities across the country whilst ensuring maximum pre-manufactured value (PMV), and state-of-the-art facilities.

MTX’s cleanroom solutions include pre-construction, design, engineering, project management, commissioning and validation, along with access to a variety of finance and lease options. Acting as project lead, MTX is supported by architectural, structural and MEP partners to provide a single source of contact, enabling valuable project efficiencies and delivering clients complete peace of mind every step of the way.

The company’s cleanroom solutions include pharmaceutical aseptic suites, containment laboratories, drug manufacturing facilities and forensic laboratories. The cleanrooms are available as either a temporary or permanent structure and are highly bespoke, designed to meet exact architectural aspirations and regulatory standards with none of the compromises normally associated with MMC.

Collaborating closely with one of the UK’s leading providers of healthcare solutions, B. Braun Medical Ltd, means MTX can offer a complete end-to-end cleanroom solution for its healthcare clients. This will all be delivered using the very latest modern methods of construction to provide a faster, more cost-effective and sustainable building solution.

David Hartley, Managing Director at MTX, said: “We’re immensely proud to be collaborating with B. Braun and together we’ll be able to deliver world-class aseptic solutions for our healthcare clients.

“Leveraging their real-world insight into cleanroom layout and operational excellence for users, we can deliver state-of-the-art facilities that carefully consider equipment design, validation, servicing, robotics, and even automation.

“B. Braun is a family-owned business like our own and our shared values of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability made it the perfect fit, allowing us to further support our healthcare customers.”

Combined with the specialist expertise in the manufacturing of injectable products for pharmaceuticals, B. Braun has a unique and real-world understanding of user requirements and aseptic operations. 

Based on this wealth of experience and born from its company tradition of ‘sharing expertise’, B. Braun developed a Consulting Service in July 2021 to help support Aseptic transformation in the UK.

B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Service (BBACS) was introduced to assist in delivering solutions that aid in improving quality and efficiency and help reduce costs within aseptic compounding activities. BBACS advise on the design of new aseptic suites or refurbishment of existing ones using lean manufacturing tools that will enhance the efficiency of the operation.

The service draws on years of experience dating back to when the first B. Braun Compounding Aseptic Production (CAPS) facility became operational in 2010, and forms part of the company’s pledge to share expertise.

B. Braun’s process of cleanroom design planning evaluates the end-to-end process from materials and personnel entry to finished product storage. The company works to define detailed capacity forecasts using in-house capacity planning models that will determine equipment requirements, containment requirements, room grading requirements as well as indicating personnel numbers over time. 

Taking this holistic approach to design, B. Braun believes that an optimum facility that satisfies regulatory, productivity and user goals can be achieved cost-effectively.

Aseptic compounding is a vital process in healthcare environments, but it comes at a significant cost to providers. As an aseptic cleanroom operator, B. Braun understand that the ongoing costs of running a cleanroom need to be carefully considered and that by including them at the design stage, considerable long term cost savings can be achieved. The partnership with MTX can help reduce the cost of setting up a cleanroom thanks to it being an end-to-end service which negates the need to involve several providers.

Paul Bradley, General Manager at B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Service said: “We’re excited to be co-operating with MTX to deliver modern cleanroom solutions for the NHS and healthcare clients.

“As a supplier of compounding solutions and consumables, we have a real-world perspective of the requirements of aseptic compounding operations. We have a proud tradition of sharing expertise and by linking with MTX’s construction know-how and providing our aseptic transformation knowledge, we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver an exceptional service and unmatched expertise, aligned with B. Braun’s values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.”