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Measuring correctly

Successful diabetes therapy depends on accuracy: Correct self-testing ensures that your medication is given in the optimal doses. Patients depend on this precision, physicians rely on it – and we help to achieve it.

Find out how we can support you in measuring correctly, and what the best tricks are to avoid misleading values.

Relevant products for measuring glucose levels

B. Braun’s easy to use devices will meet your expectations concerning quality and reliability. Find out how they work below.

First step: capillary blood collection with lancing device and lancet

  • Lancing device
    The lancing device holds the lancet and is used to set the optimal puncture depth.
  • Lancet
    The lancet punctures the skin to access the capillary vessels for blood collection. 
    Discover more about the typical steps of capillary blood collection.

Second step: blood glucose measurement 

  • Test strip
    The enzyme on the test strips reacts specifically with the blood glucose.
    The current generated by the reaction is converted and displayed as a blood glucose value.
  • Meter
    On the meter, you can add markings to keep in mind activities, medication or measurements with control solution.
    The data is stored in the meter and can later be uploaded onto a computer. 
    Discover more about the typical steps of blood glucose measurement.