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Aquaboss Water Purification Systems

Economical and Ecological - Ultrapure water that doesn't cost the earth

Aquaboss “Twin Pass” RO Design
Eliminating Ultra-Filters and Reducing Water Consumption

A single pass RO scheme is a popular configuration. It is set up as two separate RO’s, with one supplying a back-up should one RO fail or emergency maintenance be required. To maintain the permeate quality of ‘Ultrapure’ water, external ultra-filters are required post the RO’s, which require regular, costly replacements. With one RO always in stand-by, regular flushing cycles are required to prevent bacteria build-up, which means unnecessarily flushing concentrate water to drain, increasing water consumption and cost.

The twin pass RO system offers the same reliability and 100% redundancy as a single pass system but with the advantage of lower water consumption and improved chemical water quality, without the need for external ultra-filters. Twin pass ROs are active 100% of the time, so no stand-by flushing is required. All concentrate water from the 2nd stage membranes is recycled back to the RO break tank, giving a 14% water saving. The Aquaboss Twin Pass RO’s are designed to run on consumption, so the RO will only produce the amount of permeate that is required, giving further water savings.

The Aquaboss ‘In-line’ heat disinfection system has been designed to heat the water you need, when you need it - saving energy and money. A tank system requires the water to be kept at 60 degrees C, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Aquaboss system utilises the permeate water in the ring main, therefore eliminating the need for a hot water storage tank.

Impulse Backwash
Guaranteed Membrane Life of 8 Years!

The Aquaboss patented Impulse Backwash System, or Eco System, has been developed to help reduce any build up of bacteria and biofilm on the RO membranes. This patented technologyreverses the flow of permeate at high pressure back through the RO membrane at regular intervals. This cleanses the membrane of bacteria and any possible debris which could block or impact the membrane’s efficiency. This unique technology gives the membranes a longer life and ensures continuous and consistent permeate flow and capacity.

The efficiency of the backwash system means that all Eco Systems come with a unique 8 year membrane guarantee.

Dead Space Free Secondary Loop
Eliminating Dead Space in the Ring Main

In conventionally designed ring main systems, a dead space exists between the ring main and the dialysis machine by the way of a single pipe. This can only be disinfected with theimplementation of an integrated heat disinfection regime or a chemical disinfection regime, both of which carry risks. Aquaboss offers the option of a simple and safe alternative. With theContinuous Machine Feed Loop System, the feed loop is designed to become part of the ring main through the introduction of a pressure bulb. This patented system ensures a continuous flow of permeate through the feed loop, directly to and from the dialysis machine, completely eliminating the conventional dead space, and ensuring the feed loop is automatically disinfected with the ring main either during a heat or chemical disinfection.

Dead Space Free Membrane Vessel
Eliminating Dead Space in the Membrane Vessel

The membrane vessel of a traditional RO plant has an inherent dead space within its design. The Aquaboss eliminates dead space and ensures that continuous flows are maintained throughout and disinfection chemicals will reach every part. Equally as important, chemicals can be safely rinsed from the vessel without the risk of chemical traces remaining.

Modular Design
Flexible for the Future

The Aquaboss Reverse Osmosis systems are built on a modular design, with the system manufactured with future expansion in mind. This gives the benefit of being able to purchase
a water system for today’s needs knowing that, should the needs change, the system can be easily upgraded without having to purchase a complete new plant.

Quality in Construction
Building in Reliability

The Aquaboss ROs are manufactured from high quality (316 grade) stainless steel. All stainless steel is orbital welded, using state of the art technology, giving the highest quality standard. Using stainless steel makes the RO extremely strong and robust. With this quality construction, the RO is extremely reliable which has been proven over many years of reliable service, all over the world.

Process Visualisation Software (Vision)
System Performance Monitoring

The Aquaboss Vision software is designed to give remote viewing capabilities of the water system’s performance. Aquaboss Vision offers real time monitoring giving the opportunity to identify issues early, through a built in alarm function. Aquaboss vision also includes a memory logging feature which stores the data on system performance and retains the data for
future analysis.

The water systems and heat disinfection systems can be monitored from a remote location within the same building or, if required, from another site.

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