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It's all about prevention

Approximately 1,000,000 procedures are performed annually in Germany and 5,000,000 in the USA combining both open abdominal procedures and hernia repair procedures. Since the complications associated with these surgeries are becoming a top issue for the medical community, in B. Braun our goal is not only to work on repairing the abdominal wall but also to ensure its functionality and health for patients.

At  B. Braun we take all our efforts towards physicians and patients very seriously. This is the reason why B. Braun is highly committed to the scientific community; so as to promote clinical evidence which prevents complications in abdominal wall surgery.
B. Braun is a healthcare company which is pleased to be a faithful partner for the medical community and for their patients. Because in life everybody knows, It’s All about Prevention!

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Wall Closure 
Laparotomy ClosureMonoPlus®
Abdominal Wall
Hernia Repair 
and Recurrent

Inguinal Open:


Inguinal Lap:

Incisional Open:

Incisional Lap/Open:

Optilene® Mesh
Optilene® Mesh LP

Premilene® Mesh Plug

Optilene® Mesh
Optilene® Mesh LP

Optilene® Mesh
Optilene® Mesh Elastic
Premilene® Mesh

Omyra® Mesh

Mesh Fixation Mesh Fixation in Lichtenstein
Mesh Fixation in  TAPP/TEP


Abdominal Wall 
Defects Prevention

Laparotomy in risk patients:
Obese, Diabetic, AAA, HTA,
Infected, Collagen, Cancer

Optilene® Mesh Elastic or
Optilene® Mesh LP

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