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Charité Fellowship - Peter Vajkoczy
Peter Vajkoczy, MD
Director of Neurosurgery Clinic Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

As director of the Aesculap-Charité Fellowship program in hydrocephalus treatment for neurosurgeons from China and Japan, I am pleased to present this educational opportunity which is funded by an annual grant from Aesculap.

The research fellowship has a clear emphasis on entity, diagnosis, and treatment options of hydrocephalus including and adult and pediatric patients.

Through the participation of my co-faculty member, Ulrich Thomale, MD (Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery), participants will be exposed to the expanding repertoire of adult and pediatric hydrocephalus.

Charité Fellowship - Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale
Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgery

Program Information

Target group

Neurosurgeons from China and Japan, who want to deepen their knowledge and surgical abilities within the range of different hydrocephalus entities and to examine scientific questions regarding Aesculap-Miethke Shunts or their application to hydrocephalus.


  • Neurosurgeons, in residency or finished resident.
  • Good English knowledge (or good German knowledge).


Two neurosurgeons from China and one neurosurgeon from Japan can participate in the fellowship program every year.

Topics and Application Process

  • Neurosurgeons are selected by Charité and Aesculap.
  • The emphasis is targeted towards the entity, diagnosis, and treatment options of hydrocephalus including adult and pediatric patients.
  • Operative techniques focusing on avoiding complications in shunt surgery and integration of endoscopic advances into the management of hydrocephalus.
  • The proximity to the company Miethke in Potsdam offers the opportunity for scientific laboratory work in combination with the fellowship program. In order to gain sustainability, projects might lead in cooperative work for possible publications.
  • Participation in a neuroendoscopy course held in Berlin or Tuttlingen offered by Aesculap Academy is optional (depending on course schedule).
  • A visit to Aesculap AG in Tuttlingen is planned as well.