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Basic sets of neurosurgical ínstruments

Presented by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and Aesculap

"The WFNS Foundation has developed a Programme to help Neurosurgeons who work in places where the lack of resources makes it difficult or even impossible to perform surgery for complex brain or spinal cord pathologies. Until now the provision of a Surgical Microscope and/or a Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments of high quality and at very low cost, solved the problem of many of our colleagues and of course patients in developing countries around the world. Now, thanks once more to the collaboration of Aesculap, it is possible to include all essential instruments and devices in the list of WFNS Basic Sets of Neurosurgical Instruments, which are necessary to perform cranial and spinal neurosurgery in a correct way".

"The idea to design a Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments originated because of observations made of the extremely difficult conditions under which neurosurgeons of the world's poorest countries have to work. One of the most prominent problems is the lack of appropriate neurosurgical instruments. Furthermore, these countries suffer from a shortage of specialized neurosurgeons who can train other surgeons and residents to optimize the treatment and thereby also the outcome for neurosurgical patients.

With a Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments, WFNS, together with Aesculap, has initiated a worldwide project. It provides an attractive platform for sponsoring adequate neurosurgical instruments in countries that are in great need of such equipment.

This set of instruments can be used for the most common neurosurgical procedures. Along with the Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments, the WFNS Foundation also provides basic neurosurgical training for general surgeons who must render such services in developing countries. It is also our intention to help neurosurgeons improve the standards of neurosurgical procedures in hospitals of developing countries.

We hope to find numerous sponsors who will purchase this Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments and thereby support physicians in economically challenged countries who are devoted to neurosurgery and neurosurgical patients.

I am extremely grateful to both Bernhard L. Bauer, M.D., former Professor of Neurosurgery at Philipps-University in Marburg, Germany, and Aesculap, for helping me to realize this project."

WFNS Neurosurgical Instruments - Madjid Samii
Madjid Samii, MD, PhD
Honorary President of the WFNS Foundation, Honorary President of the WFNS
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