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1-piece system: Softima® Active

Softima® Active pouches are also available with an inspection window. This inspection window is the perfect combination between the discretion/comfort of the beige pouch and the visual control of both the stoma and the output thats offers the transparent pouch.


1-piece system: Softima® Standard

With its flower shaped hydrocolloid skin protector, Softima® standard pouches adapt perfectly to body contours and give added comfort to patients.


2-piece system: Softima® 3S

Softima® 3S is the latest generation of 2-piece mechanical coupling systems.

The "S" in Softima® 3S stands for:  Simple, Soft & Secure

Thanks to its guiding system Softima® 3S is easy to position right from the start and therefore requires minimal patient training.


2-piece system: Softima® Key

The Softima®  Key is a complete range of 2-piece adhesive coupling systems.

The key system is a unique concept providing patients with a guided positioning right from the start. Thanks to this guiding system the pouch positioning is precise, simple and decreases the risk of leakages.

With its intuitive coupling system the Softima® Key pouches require minimal patient training.


Draina® S / Draina® S Vision

Draina® S is a post-op range used to drain away any discharge that can occur close to the operated area to avoid wound infection. They can also be used to collect effluents from fistulae.

Daily comfort accessories

  • Ileo Gel+ is the efficient and easy way for ileostomates to transform liquid stools into gel. Thanks to its 100% hydro soluble film Ileo Gel+ is ready to use.
  • B. Braun DeOdour is a molecular sponge with a high porosity capable to adsorb malodorous gases.