Dry Fibrinous Wounds How to treat

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Dry fibrinous wounds

Level of exudate: low

Dry, fibrinous tissue is a result of dead cells and must be removed.

Therapeutic objectivesFibrinous tissue removal
Exudate management
Procedures / actionsMechanical or surgical debridement if needed.
Wound cleansing and setting a moist environment to promote autolytic debridement.
Wound cleansing and wound bed preparation

Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution

Prontosan® Wound Gel

Prontosan® Wound Gel X

Primary wound dressing

Askina® Gel

Askina® Gel
Askina® Foam
Askina® Heel

Secondary wound dressing 

Askina® Pad

Bandage, tape

Dressing Replacement frequencyDaily