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Anterior Cervical Plating System

ABC's dynamic load sharing plate design revolutionized cervical spine treatment. ABC facilitates earlier and more substantial graft incorporation, because the ABC screw can slide in the plate and adapt to graft settling. The dynamic plate-screw-interface allows for loading forces to the intervertebral implant.


  • Fully dynamic system
  • Addressing "Wolff's Theory"
  • Less surgical steps (e.g. no tapping, self-locking)
  • Faster implant placement
  • Excellent proven clinical outcome


  • Self-locking screws
  • Oversized revision screws
  • Plate marking for easier plate size selection and placement
  • E-Plate (Extension to the existing ABC plate)
  • Corpectomy plates


Cervical spine fusion in cases of:
Degenerative disc disease (DDD), deformities, post-trauma instability, fractures, tumors and reoperations neccessiated by pseudarthrosis.