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Cervical disc prosthesis

activC® is the cervical disc prosthesis for a motion preserving treatment of degenerativ cervical disc disease. It is indicated for light to moderate degeneration of cervical disc with light to moderate changes of the disc, vertebral endplates, osteophytes and/or with fresh herniated disc. The specific motion pattern, physiological center of rotation and the shape of prosthesis-plates ensure the best possible adaption to natural anatomy and biomechanics of the patient for a fast reduction/elimination of pain/neurological deficits and a longterm preservation of motion patterns and the protection of adjacent levels.


  • Safe anchorage and prevention of vertebral body splitting by the combination of spikes and keel and specific technique of keel preparation
  • Improved primary stability and fast ingrowth for bone cells through Plasmapore® coating
  • Fast and safe bonding between bone and prosthesis surface
  • Natural motion pattern through shape and type of inlay/prosthesis, analogy between motion patterns of facet joints and prosthesis
  • Good conformity with anatomy of vertebral body and improved primary stability by anatomical shape of prosthesis plates
  • Safe and easy application in cases with narrow disc space through small height of prosthesis
  • Flexible use in different grades of degeneration through specific designs


  • Primary stability by a combination of spikes and keel
  • Secondary and primary stability by Plasmapore® coating
  • Radius of inlay adapted to mean values of normal distribution of anatomy
  • Anatomical shape of prosthesis plates
  • Smallest height with 5 mm