Apfelbaum Odontoid Fixation

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Anterior Odontoid Fixation according to Apfelbaum

The Apfelbaum odontoid system is a fixation technique in the treatment of odontoid fractures. The advantage of the Apfelbaum technique lies in preserving the full range of motion of the segment and in the minimized approach.


  • Immediate stability
  • Often eliminates need for external orthosis
  • Preserves normal C1-C2 motion
  • Highest fusion rate
  • Rapid return to work and normal lifestyle


  • Odontoid screw, partially threaded, made of Titanium alloy
  • Special instruments for minimal access
  • Odontoid retractor blades and counter retractor based on CCR Caspar cervical retractor
  • Odontoid guiding sleeve for save preparation and precise implantation

Scientific Studies
Direct anterior screw fixation for recent and remote odontoid fractures, J Neurosurg 93: 227-236, 2000; Apfelbaum RI, Lonser RR, Veres R, Casey A
The Treatment of Unstable Odontoid Fractures, Backup 01-2003; Ronald I. Apfelbaum, M.D.


  • Fixation of recent odontoid fractures
  • Type II odontoid fracture
  • Some high type III odontoid fractures