Apfelbaum Transarticular Screw Fixation

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Posterior Transarticular C1-C2 Screw Fixation according to Apfelbaum

The Apfelbaum C1-C2 fixation system is based on the classical Magerl technique for transarticular screw fixation. In contrast to the open technique, the Apfelbaum instrumentation enables the subcutanous transarticular screw insertion. Therefore, approach-related surgical trauma is reduced to a minimum.


  • Minimally invasive, subcutaneous approach
  • Reduction of approach-related surgical trauma
  • Easy and protective guiding-tube-system
  • Protection of the soft tissue during instrumentation
  • Cervical collar is usually not needed


  • C1-C2 screws, fully threaded, made of Titanium alloy
  • Special instruments for minimal, subcutaneous access
  • Complete instrumentation through guiding sleeve for safe preperation and precise implantation


Transarticular C1-C2 screw fixation in the presence of atlantoaxial instability.