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For long-term treatment

Treatment of patients (e.g. in oncology, haematology, internal medicine) often requires long-term vascular or extra-vascular access connected to an access port for drug delivery, drainage, blood sampling, transfusions, TPN... An implantable device made of a reservoir connected to a catheter that enables continuous access can increase the patients’ quality of life. Using Celsite® Access Ports for long-term treatment delivery provides numerous advantages for patients, nursing staff, physicians and hospital administrators.


Celsite® Power Injectable Access Ports combine a unique streamlined shape with proven safety and reliability:

  • Delta low-profile shape for easy insertion and small surgical pocket and scar
  • Light weight for patient comfort 
  • Excellent biocompatibility 
  • Titanium chamber design and plastic design
  • Large, high-density silicone septum for an extended port life 
  • Transparent/silicone catheter connector for a quick and secure catheter port connection
  • MR conditional
  • Radiopaque system
  • Latex, PVC and DEHP free access ports
  • Allows easy and reliable ambulatory treatment



Venous access ports are intended to be used for repeated intra-venous administration of, for example, chemotherapy, antibiotic and anti-viral drugs, parenteral nutrition, blood sampling or transfusion. Certain Celsite® Access Ports may be used for Contrast Enhanced Computerised Tomography (CECT) using high pressure injection.
Arterial access ports are intended to be used for intra-arterial administration of chemotherapy.
Epidural or intra-thecal ports are intended to be used for spinal administration of pain relieving drugs.
Peritoneal ports are intended to be used for intra-peritoneal administration of chemotherapy.
Peritoneal/Pleural ports are intended to be used for intra-peritoneal administration of chemotherapy, hydration, drainage of malignant ascites, or drainage of malignant pleural effusion.

General information

Celsite® access ports are available with:

  • Or without accessories
  • For percutaneous or surgical cut-down techniques
  • ECG accessory kit for electrocardiographic placement
  • Pre-connected or not pre-connected catheter

Celsite® venous low-profile composite access ports with titanium chamber:

  • Standard models 
  • Small models 
  • Babyport® for babies, small children and skinny adults 
  • Brachial, for implantation in the upper arm
  • Double-standard, for dual infusion using a double-lumen catheter 
  • Double small, for dual infusion using a double-lumen catheter
  • Discreet (with lateral exit cannula) for discreet placement
  • Concept (port with three silicone inserts allowing suturing or not according to implanters choice)

Implantofix – All-plastic low-profile ports:

  • Standard models
  • Small models

Specialties and Extra-vascular Celsite® access ports:

  • Pain ports (plastic ports with particulate filter for infusion of pain-control drugs) with epidural or intrathecal catheters
  • Arterial ports (standard models with tapered or non-tapered polyurethane catheter
  • Pleural/Peritoneal ports (drainage and loco-regional chemotherapy)

Catheters: Celsite® Ports are available with a wide choice of polyurethane (PUR) or silicone catheters which allows maximal adaptation to duration and type of treatment (chemotherapy, TPN, blood sampling and infusion, antibiotic), to implantation site and to physicians technique.