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Our smallest hydrocephalus shunt

The MIETHKE miniNAV® was developed as a compact differential pressure valve which, due to its small design, is particularly suitable for the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus, especially in premature and newborn infants.[1] Another area of application is hydrocephalus in bedridden patients.

The valve is made of titanium, a material that allows excellent precision, stability and biocompatibility.


  • Very small, slim, cylindrical design for easy implantation ​
  • MRI compatible upto 3 Tesla​
  • Smallest differential pressure valve [1]


The MIETHKE miniNAV® is available as a single product or as a shunt system with different components.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus

[1] 2019, Koueik J., Kraemer M. R., Hsu D., Rizk E., Zea R., Haldeman C. and Iskandar B. J.:

"A 12-year single-center retrospective analysis of antisiphon devices to prevent proximal ventricular shunt obstruction for hydrocephalus", J Neurosurg Pediatr: 1-10,
"Shunt assistants and paediGAV devices were originally used, until the much smaller miniNAV valves (especially valuable in young children) became available, after which these were used virtually exclusively. "