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Interactive monitoring for dialysis treatments

NEXADIA monitor is a clearly and user-friendly software which provides a transparent view and control of a wide range of processes in dialysis treatment.

The data generated in connected dialysis machines, analyzers, (e.g. blood gas analysis) and patient scales is automatically transferred and saved to NEXADIA monitor, which enables clear visualization and convenient editing of the data. Thanks to the bidirectional data transfer between NEXADIA monitor and the connected dialysis machines, consistent and up-to-the-minute data records can be called up at any time, even during treatment.

Your Benefits:

  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Automation of complex tasks
  • Time saving of up to 21 minutes per treatment *
  • Less administrative activities and more time for the patient
  • Easy operation meeting practical requirements

Range of Application:

  • Data acquisition from patient scales, dialysis machines and analyzers
  • UF-calculation
  • Download of prescription data and UF values into the Dialog+ machine
  • Download of checklists, medication instructions and messages into the Dialog+ machine
  • Constant upload of treatment data and comments from machines to the workstation
  • Ongoing patient data monitoring during treatment
  • Automated documentation of treatment data
  • Input terminal for manual documentation
  • Upload of completed treatment documentation to the PDMS system (NEXADIA expert)

* Osterkorn D.: "Networking for success in dialysis centers: A prospective comparative analysis". Gesundheitsoekonomie und Qualitaetsmanagement 2006; 11: 112-116

Range of Application