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Posterior Occipital Cervical Thoracic Fixation System

S4® stands for small, stable, simple and safe

The S4® Cervical System combines high construct stability with minimal implant size. The miniature size of the implants and the instrument versatility meet the special demands of instrumented surgeries on the cervical spine. The S4® Cervical system is based on the mature S4® Spinal System technology. Various connecting options offer the combination of S4® Cervical with S4® Spinal System and therefore to the thoracolumbar spine.


  • Multiple screw variations
  • Wide screw angle
  • Variety of smooth shank screws for use at C1, can be chosen in different thread- and smooth shank lengths
  • Multiple connector options
  • Occiput plate design addresses anatomical structures for strongest fixation
  • Basic instrument set for simple insertion
  • Additional support instruments for ease of use in challenging situations
  • Possibility to connect the system to the thoracolumbar S4® Spinal System


S4®: small, stable, simple, safe
=> small size, extremely stable screw rod connection, simple insertion, safe procedure.

  • Basic instruments
  • Special C1 guiding sleeve
  • Subcutaneous transarticular screw insertion instruments (C1-C2)
  • Occiput instruments
  • Color coding of instruments and implants for ease of use


Posterior cervical stabilization in case of:
Degenerative instability, post-trauma instability, fractures and tumors.