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Oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostats

Cellistypt® is an oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostat, of 100 % vegetable origin made from natural cotton. Oxidized cellulose hemostats have been used for decades and are well known for their hemostatic properties and easy handling. B. Braun’s Cellistypt® product range is available in four different presentations, offering different option to be used to help stopping different kinds of bleeding in the OR.


  • Manufactured from extra-long staple cotton of the finest quality.
  • Achieves hemostasis in approximately 1,5 minutes. [3]
  • Biodegradable, bioresobable and biocompatible. [4]
  • Maintains its original structure. [5]
  • Can be cut to size without fraying. [2]
  • Can be relocated. [5]
  • Absorbed within 14 days (absorption time may vary depending on the quantity of product used, the level of blood saturation and the type of tissue). [3,6]
  • Antimicrobial effect on a large spectrum of pathogens. [7]
  • Easy to use. [2]


Cellistypt® is indicated for capillary, venous and minor arterial bleedings when conventional hemostatic measures such as sutures or ligatures are ineffective or unfeasible. [2]

  • Cellistypt®: Regular density knitted fabric
  • Cellistypt® D-K: High density knitted fabric
  • Cellistypt® F: Regular density fibrous version
  • Cellistypt® N-W: Reduced weight reinforced fibrous version

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