Tear-Away Introducers

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Intradyn Tear-Away is a radiopaque, pre-formable peel-away introducer set

For use in the placement of

  • permanent pacing leads
  • port- and balloon catheters
  • temporary pacing catheters/leads
  • drainage catheters
  • other catheters

Intradyn Tear-Away is designed to be removed without displacement of the introduced catheter. The risk of kinking or traumatic effects at the insertion site is minimized by its optimized design.


IntradynTear-Away product range

The Intradyn Tear-Away introducer is available in sizes ranging from F6 to F12.
The introducer kit includes Intradyn puncture needle, guide wire, vessel dilator and introducer sheath.


A perforated shaft enables clean and easy removal of the introducer set after catheter placement. The spin-lock connector fixes the dilator and sheath and prevents the dilator from loosening during the vascular access.

  • Sheath - stepless transition to the vascular dilator
  • Dilator - very flexible, gentle on the blood vessels
  • Guide wire - made of stainless steel, flexible J3 tip
  • Needle - stepless approach for easy insertion of the guide wire