Celsite® PICC-Cel

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Peripherally inserted central catheter for short to long-term central venous infusion therapy

Celsite® PICC-Cel is a Peripherally Inserted Central venous Catheter which is indicated for short to long-term drug infusion therapy such as antibiotherapy, blood sampling and transfusion, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), antivirals and chemotherapy. In addition, it is intended for Central Venous Pressure (CVP) monitoring.  


  • Reverse taper design catheter from the hub for 10 cm reduces the risk of bleeding and increases kink resistance
  • PUR catheter marked every cm from 0 at the hub in order to facilitate an easy, precise and safe positioning
  • Single and double lumen catheters available
  • Double lumen catheters allow simultaneous infusion of e.g. incompatible drugs
  • Caresite® needle-free valve is enclosed to every reference (1 for each line)
  • MR Safe (MR Conditional if used with Caresite® valve)
  • Radiopaque
  • High pressure resistant up to 300 PSI (20.68 bar)
  • Maximum flow rate for high pressure injections is 5 ml/sec  

Additional Information

  • Every Celsite® PICC-Cel kit contains 21G echogenic puncture needles, guide wire, peelable introducer, Omnifix® syringe, scalpel No. 11, Grip-Lok® Securement device, Tape measure