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Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System

S4® Element MIS is a percutaneous spinal system based on Aesculap’s already successful S4® Element spinal system. The S4® Element MIS system’s unique design and complementary endoscope technology is designed to increase direct surgical site visibility during minimally invasive procedures and reduce your exposure to risk. The streamlined design and easy-to-use instrumentation provide a minimal learning curve and easier transition to MIS.


  • Direct Visualization
    • The use of S4® Element MIS provides a direct view of the surgical site through the use of endoscope technology, providing the ability to troubleshoot and reduces guesswork associated with MIS spine surgery while reducing exposure to radiation
  • Minimal Surgical Conversion Risk
    • Rescue technique and instrumentation help to reduce risk of converting to an open procedure during MIS
  • Operational Simplicity
    • S4® Element MIS offers intuitive, streamlined instrumentation to facilitate efficiency in the OR workflow
  • Slim Profile Technology
    • Slim profile of instruments allows for a smaller incision and easy instrument manipulation in tight anatomical spaces, while the low profile screw reduces anatomical impingement


Thoracolumbar spine stabilization in cases of:
Fractures, dislocation, degenerative instability, post-discectomy syndrome, spondylolisthesis, post-trauma instability and tumors.