Sterican® MIX Semi-Blunt Needle

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Semi-blunt needles with Luer Lock connector for drug admixture (with and without filter)

Sterican® MIX Semi Blunt Needle is a single use device suitable for drug admixture and fluid transfer with e.g. stoppered vials, glass and plastic ampoules.

Generally suitable for all admixture procedures. Product is not intended to be used directly on patients.


  • 40° bevel angle for draw up of medications e.g. from glass and plastic ampoules
  • Guaranteed 2-needle technique ensuring that a new sterile needle is used for patient injection
  • Clear differentiation from ISO colored injection needles due to red and purple color coding
  • Compatible with all standard Luer and Luer Lock syringes


  • Made of stainless chromium nickel steel
  • Semi-blunt bevel (40°)
  • Red colored needle hub made of polypropylene
  • Smooth surface and finely dosed silicone coating
  • Compatible with Luer and Luer Lock connectors
  • Not manufactured with PVC, Latex, DEHP and BPA
  • Sterile single packaging
  • Box of 100 pcs.