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Malaysia | From exhibition center to emergency hospital

Clinton Walker | 50
Business manager, Hospital Care division,
B. Braun Medical Supplies, Petaling Jaya / Serdang

In the fall of 2020, as the infection rates in Malaysia were skyrocketing, the former agricultural convention center MAEPS was repurposed as an emergency hospital. A total of 10,000 beds for quarantine cases, 30 beds for the seriously ill and 6 ventilator stations for ICU patients needed to be created as quickly as possible. Clinton Walker, business manager of B. Braun Medical Supplies Malaysia and his team equipped the 30 beds in the High-Dependency Unit with infusion pumps for the Malaysian government in less than a month, under difficult conditions.

Mr. Walker, what challenges did you face in providing the equipment?

At that time, the whole world needed infusion pumps because all the hospitals were stocking up due to the rising infection rates. This made distribution itself the first challenge. Aside from that, the MAEPS had become an epicenter of the pandemic in Malaysia, it was already being used as a quarantine center when we came to set up the ICU. So, we tried to do as much as we could in a single day: delivery, installation, and technical training for the doctors and nursing staff. All together, it took us four visits to set up all the beds.

What was the situation like at the MAEPS hospital for you and your team?

There were mostly factory workers, the virus had spread particularly quickly among them - at the factories and in the residential facilities where most of them slept, since they were here from other countries as guest workers. We saw it as our task to care for them as well as possible in this difficult situation.

Why did you and your team decide to take on this responsibility?

My team and I wanted to do our part to bring the pandemic to an end as quickly as possible. We knew that what we were doing would slow the spread of the virus, protecting our country, our families and our friends.

How did you manage to get through that most difficult time?

My team gave me strength. It was very special to see how our devices helped the doctors, nurses and patients with our own eyes. We saw the progress immediately, since everything had to happen so fast: The pumps we installed had seen heavy use by the time we came back, a couple of days later.