Transforming Rehabilitation: Join the Free AHSN Event on the 30th March
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Transforming Rehabilitation: Join the Free AHSN Event on the 30th March

Join B. Braun at the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN free online event on the 30th March for a discussion about innovation in rehabilitation across the region.

B. Braun will be joining the conversation to focus on BPMpathway, an innovative remote assessment system which allows patients to rehabilitate from knee and hip arthroplasty in the comfort of their own home.

BPMpathway leverages the BPM Range of Motion (ROM) sensor which connects to the mobile application, providing a digital platform for visualising joint ROM via an in-app avatar. Patients can track their progress, log any pain during exercises, and message the hospital team with any questions.

Through use of BPMpathway clinicians and physiotherapists can access real-time, continued data on individuals’ rehabilitation progress remotely. This enables prioritisation of patients who require more assistance through a face-to-face appointment, and reduces unnecessary appointments with patients who recovering on their own with the support of the app.

Graham Walsh, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, will be discussing his perspective on using BPMpathway to transform rehabilitation within his trust after partnering with B. Braun.

Join the event on the 30th March at 2pm – 4pm for an opportunity to create new networks and explore how technologies can be readily adopted to innovate and add value to rehabilitation pathways.