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Personalising Rehabilitation

A digital experience personalised to suit the needs of each patient throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Patients are actively involved in their treatment both pre and post-operatively, giving them a sense of control, and improving outcomes.

Hospital benefits

  • Provide instant support to patients who need it most
  • Collect data and monitors patients’ performance
  • Reduces face-to-face contact during the pandemic
  • Continuous technical support
  • Individual personalised patient experience

Patient benefits

  • Direct contact with a healthcare professional throughout every step of their journey
  • Personalised recovery programme and Range of Motion targets
  • User friendly instructions with videos, voice over and subtitles (if required)
  • Reduces unnecessary trips to the hospital
  • Patients are empowered to take control of their recovery

Tailor the pre-habilitation and recovery program of your patients to meet their individual needs

Stay Connected

PATH enables:

  • Easy two way communication between you and your patients, including messages and to-do’s for the day
  • Access to patient reports detailing their Range of Motion, pain levels and quality of movement
  • Early identification of potential complications
  • Digital Joint School

Whose daily challenges are taken into consideration?

Exercise at home

Remote reporting allows your patients to recover and undertake guided physiotherapy in the comfort of their own home. The easy-to-use, wearable system encourages patient engagement by clear explanations at each stage and progress display via user friendly graphics.

BPMpathway provides you and your patient a strong communication link during the pre- and postoperative period which could reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Share relevant information with your patient!

Enhance recovery

With BPMpathway you can tailor the pre-habilitation and recovery program of your patients, to meet their individual needs.

The system gives you the option to assess and tailor the patient’s rehabilitation based on remotely-gathered data. Your patient data will allow you to smartly allocate resources for those who need more attention.

Get an overview of recovery trends of your patients!

Stay connected

BPMpathway enables consistent communication between you and your patients. You will have access to reporting of movements, pain levels and points of discomfort throughout the range of motion. The data can enable you identify deviations from regular progress allowing you to intervene and prevent potential complications.

The software provides you with an overview of all your patients rehabilitation programs and progress towards their individual goals.

Get insights from your patients!

What patients think about it?

„BPMpathway motivates me to do my physiotherapy!“

– Martin, Patient, Germany

„It monitors all the movement of my leg. The technology is absolutely fantastic.’“

– Nigel, Patient, United Kingdom

„It is beneficial for me, because I can see an improvement every day.“

– Judy, Patient, Australia

What professionals think about it?

„This will close a gap in the follow-up of patients.“

– Matti, Physician Assistant, Germany

„This would allow us to re-distribute the resource elsewhere to meet the targets.“

– Paul, Surgical Manager, United Kingdom

„It‘s like having your physio in your own home.“

– Kathleen, Physiotherapist, Australia

BPMpathway and the BPMpro Swirly are EU-registered trademarks of 270 Vision Limited.