Blood Glucose Measurement Tips and tricks

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Unexpected values

Blood glucose measurement device

If a measurement result does not correspond to what your body is telling you, you might be right. There are different reasons why your meter could be showing wrong results. We gathered some tips about the relevant products and how to use them to avoid possible error sources.

Check for handling errors

Apart from device faults, typical handling errors also cause abnormal values. Please consider the tips below to receive correct measurement results:

Correct blood glucose measurement

Check your meter 

Make sure that your meter and test strips are working properly and try the following:

  • Check the expiry date and shelf life of your test strips.
  • Check that the test strips have been stored at the correct temperature.
  • Check if your meter is working properly with the check strip.
  • Repeat the measurement with a new test strip.
  • Check if your meter is working properly with the control solution suitable for your meter. 
  • Ask your diabetologist or physician for support.