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Vacation and traveling with renal failure

Of course, it is also possible to travel with renal failure. B. Braun operates more than 370 renal care centers in more than 30 countries, including popular travel destinations such as Spain, Turkey, France, Croatia and Australia. Our patients can rely on our high standards of care while being away from home – anywhere in the world. Most of our renal care centers are situated in close proximity or in the hospital directly with access to a more extensive medical care network. Thus, our patients can enjoy their well-earned holidays while relying on high quality health care. With this being said, any holiday trips will require planning, particularly if they involve long-distance travel.

What to consider when going on holiday

  • Traveling for kidney patients on dialysis does require more planning, so last minute bookings are not a realistic option. 
  • Talk to your health care team to see if you are well enough to travel. They also will assist you with any of your plans.
  • You must make an appointment for dialysis treatments at another center before you go.
  • There are even some cruise companies that have dialysis machines on board ship.

How the healthcare staff supports you

To ensure a seamless therapy, the healthcare staff will assist patients in planning dialysis treatment while being away from home. Your healthcare team: 

  • Will share detailed information on your treatment plan with the holiday renal care center
  • Will sent necessary accessories and important medication in advance (including dialysis supplies for PD patients)
  • Will provide advice on vaccination or nutrition with regard to the travel destination
  • Will serve as a contact person for any question from the holiday health care staff
  • Can even help you to arrange accommodation at a hotel or apartment close to the center.

Frequently asked questions: Traveling

Questions and Answers

In principle, yes. B. Braun renal care centers are located in almost every part of the world. The staff at your local center can help you making the arrangements. The treatment in your holiday dialysis renal care center will be conducted as usual. Inform your staff in advance. This way B. Braun can make all the arrangements for you. 

Everybody needs a break from time to time, and kidney patients are no exception. However, traveling for kidney patients on dialysis does require more planning, so last minute bookings have disadvantages. Beside those preparations needed to ensure that your vacation destination is well prepared to receive you and provide treatment, you should also think about your vacation plans in connection with vaccinations, your general health status and time schedule.

Holiday dialysis

Where are you going next?

Our renal care centers are spread all over the world. You can find detailed information on each center in our directory. Those centers who offer holiday dialysis will provide tips on local accomodation and sightseeing. Browse our centers and get inspired to find the right place for your next holidays.

Frequently asked questions: Holiday dialysis

In case you have already chosen a destination, just find your renal care center and send us your request. You should provide contact information – your name, address, telephone or e-mail, and very importantly your native language, and we will get in touch with you and agree upon the best manner of future communication and support.

Contact us as early as you can. The earlier we know of your plans and your wishes the better we can support you. However, we have also arranged last-minute stays for many patients, and we will do our best to support you whenever you contact us.  

Of course. Our services are not limited in any manner and we will always be happy to offer you our services at any time.