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Alongside our diabetes ranges we provide a comprehensive range of patient and healthcare professional educational literature.

Please download and share these educational PDFs with your colleagues & patients.

If you would like hard copies of the literature please order them here.

Patient Education

Description Document Link
Diabetes and Driving Information Brochure.pdf
pdf (1.6 MB)
Hyperglycaemia Information Brochure.pdf
pdf (801.4 KB)
Hypoglycaemia Information Brochure.pdf
pdf (1.2 MB)

Omnican Fine

Description Document Link
UK Abdomen Template
pdf (6.4 MB)
New thigh template
pdf (485.1 KB)
Injection Technique Brochure.pdf
pdf (3.3 MB)
ITM Best Practice Guideline (Health Care Professional) V2.pdf
pdf (3.7 MB)
ITM Toolkit (Patient).pdf
pdf (1.5 MB)
ITM Toolkit Key things to remember (Patient).pdf
pdf (310.8 KB)


Description Document Link
Omnitest 5 Product brochure.pdf
pdf (840.4 KB)
Omnitest App Booklet.pdf
pdf (1.7 MB)
Omnican lance soft.pdf
pdf (1.0 MB)

Fora Advance

Description Document Link
Fora Advanced Ketone & Blood Glucose Brochure.pdf
pdf (1.4 MB)
Ketone Warning Card.pdf
pdf (149.9 KB)